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1 / What does a "second look" mean?

We support the Rehabilitative Release Bill, introduced by State Senator Raj Mukherji.

For many incarcerated elders, this would be their only chance of release. 

2 / Why are there so many incarcerated elders in New Jersey?

Tough-on-crime sentencing laws and a broken parole system created the crisis we have today in New Jersey prisons. 

3 / Will a second look jeopardize public safety?

Generally, people age out of crime as they grow older. Also, a second look means an individual examination of each person who petitions the courts for release. 

4 / What about victims of crime?

Second Look NJ is a diverse coalition of faith leaders, incarcerated elders, and victims of crime. Like any community, victims have varied opinions on how justice is best achieved. 

5 / What does the research say about rehabilitation?

Educational and therapeutic programs help prevent people from returning to prison. But still New Jersey spends hundreds of thousands of dollars a year locking up incarcerated elders who could be released safely into the community.  

6 / What's next?

New Jersey leads the country on criminal justice reform, but is lagging behind most of the country when it comes to opportunities for release for elders. 

Make your voice heard and join our movement to give incarcerated elders a Second Look in New Jersey. 

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