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Second Look New Jersey

Second Look New Jersey is a coalition of faith leaders, civil rights leaders, incarcerated elders and their loved ones, and survivors of crime who believe that everyone deserves a second chance.


We're working to make sure New Jersey's incarcerated elders have an opportunity to rejoin their communities outside the prison walls.  

Image by Milad Fakurian

"I'm 62 years old. To date I have served 33 years and 10 months. During this transformative period I have achieved personal growth and development through education, responsibility for my actions, and spiritual counseling.


I ask [for a] second chance to atone for my failures to my family, my community, and to society as a whole. Thank you for this opportunity.


God bless you all."


-- Larry P., incarcerated elder in New Jersey

There are approximately more than 950 incarcerated people in New Jersey who are 60 and older.


While most pose no risk to public safety, the State is paying hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to keep them locked up instead of allowing them to age in the community surrounded by family. 

We urge the New Jersey legislature to introduce and pass legislation that will provide incarcerated elders a meaningful opportunity to petition the courts for revisions or reductions to their sentence. 

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